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Everyone loves clicking pictures. Some click for memories, some for appreciation, some for making a living and some for themselves. Pictures are a great way of recalling moments of life that are special to you. Pictures are also a great way of communication. A decently clicked photo might say a thousand words, but a well-thought and well-planned shot not only does that but also evokes tons of emotions.
So here we are, to give little shades of emotions to our memories. From anyone who wants to improve their photography for getting great clicks on their upcoming trips and events or for simply developing their skill to someone who wants to pursue photography as their career, this course is for all of you out there. This course covers topics which teach you the basic rules of photography to those which tell you the secret of great photographers and how to become one. This course will certainly help you in igniting that spark of capturing and showing your WORLD, THROUGH LENS.

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World Through Lens: Photography Certification

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Nayan Khandelwal

Profile: A self-learned passionate travel photographer. He believes that self learning is the only way for one to reach to their fullest potential because here the knowledge is driven by and from curiosity. Getting recently started with photography as a career he has gained a good number of followers on social media and worked on many projects ranging from conducting workshops and covering events to shooting short films and travel videos. More than a photographer he considers himself as a SEEKER as his interest also lies in various other fields such as astrophysics, spirituality and psychology. He aspires and inspires to travel around the globe and cover the world through his lens. Join him as he explains to you the basics of photography with logic and gives you a deep insight into the impact of pictures on a human brain at a subconscious level.


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Naveen @ KingOpus Naveen @ KingOpus Admin
Nayan Khandelwal Nayan Khandelwal Author
Ravi Thangjam Ravi Thangjam President
Naveen @ KingOpus Naveen @ KingOpus Author

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